Sunday, May 07, 2006

New to blogging.

Not really new to blogging... but new to automated blogging. My previous blog management software was vim. Don't get me wrong, vim rocks. But every time I made a post, which happend quite infrequently because it was a pain in the ass, I thought, "Man, I should really write some code to automate this process."

In the fine CS tradition of not reinventing the wheel I decided to use someone else's code instead. As an added bonus, I'm using someone else's server and someone else's bandwidth as well. =)

Repost of my ramblings which spurred me to get a blogger account:

I'm about to graduate a week from today so 'the real world', as it is often called, has been on my mind a lot recently. It really bugs me when I tell people I'm going to graduate and they say something like: "Well I guess you'll soon find out how much the real world sucks. Have to get up earlier and work longer."

I did some math. I'm studying, working at my student job, doing homework or sitting in class for 60-70 hours per week. That 40 hour/week job with no homework everyone complains about so much sounds pretty sweet.

I think the 'real world' that you're talking about does suck. I wouldn't want to do something meaningless everyday for eight hours. But a large percentage of my friends and acquantainces who don't have a degree seem to think that college is a breeze and that we just screw around for 4 years (well, 6 for me) until we get a job like theirs that we hate like they do.

So in conclusion, no, college is not like the 'real world'. But in two month's time, I'm going to be working with some of the best hackers in the world securing some of the country's most important assets. I'm not sure if that's the real world, either...