Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Dark-colored Chapeau

I'm making this post in the vain hope that someone cares about what security conference topics I find interesting. With that being said, Blackhat is going to be awesome this year, not least because of the Metasploit track. Without further ado, here are the talks I plan to attend.

Day One:
I'm presenting at 13:45 and, judging by my history, I probably won't be done with my slides until about 13:43, so I'm planning to miss all of the morning stuff.

15:15 Stefan Esser: State of the Art Post Exploitation in Hardened PHP Environments
This is a tough choice and I may end up flipping on it later. Valsmith and Colin's stuff is freaking awesome but I think Esser's work could end up being really useful for PHP meterpreter.

16:45 Valsmith, Ames, Kerb: Metaphish pt2.
I hope I can get into the room after the break.

Day Two:

10:00 Datagram: Lockpicking Forensics
Lockpicking is a terrifically fun hobby and I'd like to learn more about it.

11:15 Nick Harbour: Win at Reversing
I usually lose.

13:45 Danny Quist & Lorie Liebrock: Reverse Engineering by Crayon
Dr. Liebrock was a professor of mine and Danny is one of the best Reverse Engineers I've ever met. Can't miss this one.

15:15 Kostya Kortchinsky: Cloudburst - Hacking 3D and Breaking out of VMware
I'm not especially interested in VMware but Kostya Kortchinsky is an exploit machine. If I die half as good as Kostya is today, I'll be happy.

16:45 Vincenzo Iozzo & Charlie Miller: Post Exploitation Bliss - Loading Meterpreter on a Factory iPhone
Meterpreter is awesome and having the same post-exploitation toolkit available on multiple platforms is something I've wanted for a long time. The fact that these guys ported it to a tiny embedded device that frequently gets connected to tons of open wifi networks is an extra bonus.