Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Securosis and Daringflamebait

I'm constantly updating my daily blog list and today I stumbled on securosis.com. He's got decent advice for the less technically savvy (which happens to mirror a lot of what I've been telling the uninitiated for a while now). He also explained to John Gruber that the so-called challenge he proposed to Ellch and Maynor was asinine in a far more even tone than I might have.

Plus this great quote:
Give honest answers to honest questions, and when someone asks for the ROI of a firewall ask them for the ROI on their desk.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Keyboard Dancing

Keyloggers are cool. Hardware keyloggers are cooler because they are undetectable to the operating system. A mark against hardware gizmos is that for them to be useful, one must install the gizmo and then retrieve it. Until now. Now it doesn't have to be retreived. Now all one has to do is drop the gizmo and watch for traffic on the internet. Or own a keyboard manufacturing company.