Sunday, September 03, 2006

Siren's call

In the last few weeks, we've rented a number of movies. So I will succumb to the Internet's siren-like call to publish my opinion so that all who care to read it might find something with which they disagree. In alphabetical order:

  • Blood Rayne - Vampires. We gave it the MST3K treatment and got our two bucks worth.

  • The Ice Harvest - My executive summary: "John Cusack and Billybob Thornton steal some money. People die. There are breasts." Might be a decent movie iff you like film noir.

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang - A good detective film with assorted twists. I was on the edge of my seat for much of this movie and laughing the rest of the time (Val Kilmer's character is called "Gay Perry"). Great movie with a solid cast, entertaining plot and funny dialogue. Highly recommended.

  • RV - This was billed as a slightly ridiculous comedy and it definitely lives up to that description. But it's not retarded like, say, anything Will Ferrell has ever done.

  • Unleashed - From the cover and the back-of-the-case description, this is your standard martial arts movie. Do not let that fool you; in addition to his incredible physical abilities, Jet Li is quite an actor and Unleashed is a phenomenal movie.